Boroughbridge Live

Launched in January 2016, Boroughbridge Live looks to put on local events in town and support other organisations. How has their first year been and what are their plans for the future?

Boroughbridge Live started life just over a year ago with the dream of raising enough money to support other local groups and help them stage events. Thanks largely to the success of the Secret Gardens Festival, Boroughbridge Relives Rio, the Big Draw and the Christmas Grotto, just 12 months later its members are in a position to do exactly that.

“We have public liability insurance, which we offer to other organisations, and we are looking at ways of supporting other events in town,” says Boroughbridge Live founder member Geoff Hustwit. “We are currently considering ways to support the Walkers are Welcome group and their annual Easter Walking Festival.”

“We’re really keen to get some more volunteers on board.”

Events so far this year include the highly successful quiz night that took place at the Coronation Hall in Milby on 18 February, and a repeat of last year’s well-attended Polish Coffee Morning will be held on 18 March, probably at the Methodist Hall. Moving on through 2017, Secret Gardens was held in conjunction with Brighter Boroughbridge and District, which allowed Boroughbridge Live to make significant contributions to their funds as well as their own. It was so successful last August that it has now become a firm fixture on Boroughbridge’s social calendar.

As Geoff explains, “We’ve already got four more garden-owners who want to be involved in the day. Obviously we would like this year’s garden route to be different, so we are still asking for more local residents to bite the bullet and open their gardens too.

“We get many offers of help during Secret Gardens and at Santa’s Grotto over Christmas but we are hoping to find people who share our energy, enthusiasm and positivity to commit themselves to help during the year – and actually that commitment is only about one meeting per month.

“At the moment there are only four active members of the Boroughbridge Live committee. As far as we are concerned, it’s more the merrier. We’re really keen to get some more volunteers on board, especially from among the Army families recently moved into Dishforth.”

“We’ve also thought about advertising Boroughbridge Live in the new housing developments on the outskirts of town ­– joining an organisation like ours is a brilliant way of meeting new people and getting involved with your local community and – from our point of view – great for us to get some new blood with fresh ideas.

“We’re always looking for people with new ideas to help Boroughbridge Live on its mission to support other local organisations.”

Currently several possible new events are being discussed among the committee members. “We’ve come up with a musical evening and even thought about having our own festival alongside other local community groups,” confirms Geoff. “And as Christmas is our biggest money-spinner, we’d like to see a regular Boroughbridge Christmas Weekend rather than just the one day of festivity in town.”

But new activities take up time and commitment, and Boroughbridge Live really does need a few extra hands to help them to the next stage. The final word comes from Geoff: “We know everybody is busy but we have been quite successful in the past year and would really like to expand, so I’m sending out a general appeal for bodies – and ideas – that will help us move forward in helping our town.”

Anyone who is interested in opening their garden for Boroughbridge’s Secret Gardens event, please get in touch with Boroughbridge Live via their website (