Beacon Young Farmers Club


Beacon Young Farmers will soon be celebrating its 21st anniversary. Secretary Zoe Anderson tells us more about this great local club for young people…

How did Beacon Young Farmers Club come into existence?

Beacon used to be two clubs initially – many of our parents were members of either Pocklington Young Farmers, or Holme on Spalding Moor Young Farmers, but the two clubs merged and are known as Beacon. It’s the only club in the area that isn’t named after an actual place.

Is everyone in the club from a farming background?

No, you don’t have to be, but most members do have some connection with farming. Our club chairman for example is a mechanic, but he works with tractors. Other people might have a connection with say horses, or have family members who are in farming. It’s very varied. So you don’t have to be a farmer to join, but it probably helps when you’re in the pub and the only conversation is about the inside of a tractor!

What’s the age range of your members?

The age range for all Young Farmers Clubs is 10-26 and Beacon has members right across that range. Our youngest member is 10, and the eldest is about to turn 26.

What sort of activities do you do?

All sorts! In summer we do lots of outdoor activities such as farm walks – going round other peoples farms and learning about what they do. Recently we’ve done activities such as a treasure hunt, and we visited South Cave Falconry. Then there was our tractor run in May, a fundraiser for charity. We did our first tractor run in 2014 and it attracted a lot of support, so this year we decided to make it an even bigger event. We got in touch with local tractor rallying clubs, so there were vintage tractors, as well as some of our members on their own tractors. Altogether there were 39 tractors taking part!

What about winter activities?

We meet every Thursday at Seaton Ross Village Hall and have lots of interesting events such as games nights and team building activities. We have speakers too – someone came to tell us about beekeeping recently, and we also had a visit from Ladies in Pigs, a group which promotes British pork. Another great evening was when sniffer dogs from a prison came to do a demo for us – we had to put coats on that smelled of different things! In winter there’s bowling too, we go to a pantomime and we go ice skating at Christmas.

The club also does fund raising?

Yes. We raise money for a different charity every year. This year, it’s been Sue Ryder in Holme on Spalding Moor. The biggest charity fundraising event is the tractor run, which brought in £727 and three pence for Sue Ryder this year. Then there are fundraising events for the club too, to cover costs and keep us running. The biggest one of those is the annual Dinner Dance.

And soon there will be a rather special celebration happening …?

Yes, we’re currently planning the club’s 21 Anniversary Dinner Dance, which is going to be held on 19 March, 2016 at the Rix Pavilion in Driffield. All will be welcome – members old and new.


If you’re interested in joining Beacon Young Farmers, call Chairman Andrew Smith on 0753 0113379 or Zoe Anderson on 07545 386222. To find out more about the 21st Anniversary Dinner Dance, call Tom Screeton on 07590 475660 or Zoe Anderson on 07545 386222.