The Roofing Co.

  • Slating Specialists
  • Handmade Tile Specialist
  • Flat Roof System
  • Specialist Leadwork
  • Roof Repairs
  • Heritage Works

There are many parts to who we are and what we do at The Roofing Corporation.

When The Roofing Corporation was established, there was, what seemed to be, a very ambitious destination we intended to get to. We are forever evolving, having already served decades in the roofing industry.

From day one we have worked hard to sustain, build and cultivate a truly exceptional team from all walks of life. The professional roofing intelligence we have acquired over our many years of trading allows us to take roofing to a “whole new level”.

With our very talented employees, roofing is not just simply a job, it is a journey to endeavour and achieve perfection. We accompany some very traditional architects and builders to embark upon creating our representation of superior roofing works to prestigious and historic landmarks.