Fun Facts: April

We love facts here at On Your Doorstep, so each month we’ll be listing both the essential and most interesting tidbits about the month we’re in, this moth we look at April…

• April Fools Day pranks include the BBC running a news piece about spaghetti being farmed in Sweden and another about flying penguins.

• The two flowers of April are the daisy and sweet pea – the birthstone is the diamond.

• The word April comes from the Latin word aperire, which means to open. This is in reference to the many flowers that bloom in the month.

• It was on 6 April 1896 that the first Olympics of the modern era were held. They took place in Athens after a break of 1,500 years.

• 26 April 1986 was when the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Ukraine exploded. The radioactive cloud created forced a 300-mile radius to be evacuated.

• It was on 15 April 1912 that the Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and sank. Only 700 of the 2,224 passengers were rescued.

• Famous people born in the month of April include Charlie Chaplin, Leonardo da Vinci, Hans Christian Anderson and Shirley Temple.

• On 11 April 1970 Apollo 13 launched from Cape Kennedy and 56 hours later it ran into difficulties. It was then that the often misquoted line “Houston, we’ve had a problem here” was said.

• It was on 12 April 1961 that the first human went into space. It was a Russian called Yuri Gagarian and travelled 187 miles above the Earth in the spacecraft Vostok I.

• April marks the birth of arguably the most influential writer of all time – William Shakespeare. Born on the 26th in 1564 he went on to write 36 plays and 154 sonnets.