Interesting Facts About May

We love facts here at On Your Doorstep, so each month we’ll be listing both the essential and most interesting tidbits about the month we’re in. It’s nearly over, but here are the facts we gathered about May. If you have any other gems of knowledge that might tickle our fancy or are simply true yet unbelievable, please add them in the comments below.

• A maypole was built in 1543 that was 100 feet high. Isaac Newton later purchased the pole in 1713 and used it to prop up a telescope.

• The Eurovision song contest is always held in May. The United Kingdom has won the event five times – the last win was 17 years ago.

• The two flowers of May are the hawthorn and the lily of the valley – the birthstone is the emerald.

• It was on 1 May in 1931 that the Empire State Building was officially opened.

• Maypoles were actually banned in England in 1644. Those who were found to have erected them were fined five shillings every week it was standing.

• To fans of the sci-fi series 4 May is commonly known as Star Wars Day (May the 4th/May the force) and many use it as an excuse to re-watch the movies.

• Famous people born in the month of May include Bob Dylan, Adele, John F Kennedy and Mr T.

• In Old English May was known as the Month Of Three Milkings – this was because cows could be milked three times a day.

• In the town of Stilton, May Day is celebrated with a cheese-rolling contest. That’s just how they roll.

• May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia, who was the goddess of fertility.