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I’ve been qualified as a Charted Physiotherapist since 2006 and I completed my degree at Teesside University. Not long after I qualified as a I left my local town in Middlesbrough to work in Derby. I covered generic NHS physiotherapy rotations and became focused on rehabilitation in the outpatient and community setting.

I eventually decided to return back to the North East and worked in the private sector where I’ve specialised in musculoskeletal dysfunction, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning through personal training and Pilates programs. During this period I’ve dealt with wide range of joint, muscle a spinal complaints, some that you will have experienced yourself.

Understanding the body through movement and dysfunction can be complex however what I’m passionate about is explaining to you how, why and what you can do to get the best recovery following your injury through different methods of treatment and exercise. With Murphysio our goal is to provide you with the best understanding of your problem so that future management can be improved, and better prevention strategies can be achieved.